The Legacy of an Enchanting Land…the story behind Meiraas online We are often asked what does Meiraas mean. Is anyone behind this venture named Meira or Meera…is it pronounced “My-raas”…what does it stand for?

enter site Meiraas (pronounced meeraas) is Urdu for Legacy.

go to link Meiraas is a small endeavor to celebrate the beautiful legacy of our land…our country…a story behind each craft of this enchanting land. India is a vast melting pot of diverse cultures & many ethnicities surviving & thriving together over a rich history down many millennia. We are the progeny of an ancient & celebrated civilisation that got richer in culture with more diversity added to its fold. Each state in India is like a small ancient kingdom with their own practices, behavior, culture pattern, food & most importantly, their own art & craft. We, at Meiraas, are trying to celebrate this legacy in our own small way.

get link Just a couple of years back we were new & unaware of the treasure trove of our culture, but travelling within the country changed our perspective towards things we normally took for granted.

click here The Chikankari of Lucknow, the beautiful Hand Block Print of so many states, the bold art of Kalamkari, the handwoven treasures of UP, MP, Bengal, Haryana, Gujarat, the fine embroideries of so many states, the list is really endless & ever evolving.

ltr dating abbreviation Meiraas is born out of our passion for travelling within India & exploring our own culture & crafting its legacy.

go We hope you like our humble effort in recreating this legacy and further help us enrich our work with your valuable inputs & encouragement. We are determined to learn, imbibe and reshape ourselves as we go on this life long travel of discovering our roots. Meiraas Founder, Vidhi Agarwal.