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We Support: Paalaguttapalle Bags

We wrap all our shopping in handcrafted & embroidered Palaguttapalle Bags. This is an initiative undertaken by Meiraas to support some very hardworking women who are being the change they want to see.

The Story of Paalaguttapalle Bags.

Grit, determination & a will to do something constructive beat the toughest odds!!!

While this may seem like a line meant for storybooks & fables, in Paalaguttapalle (Dalitwada), a small village of landless labourers in Chittoor district, this is a reality!!

Faced with odds many of us cannot even begin to imagine, Varalu, Rani, Annapurna & Anita decided to find a sustainable means of livelihood for themselves.

Some of them knew basic stitching, but their determination to learn to make perfect eco-friendly sustainable cloth bags led them to create these beauties. Guided by Aparna Krishnan, chose to leave her city life for a life in Dalitwada, these ladies created these charming cotton cloth bags.

It is an honour for Meiraas to wrap our handcrafted pieces & present them to you in the beautiful creations of the women of Paalaguttapalle. These cloth bags are washable, re-usable, sustainable & eco-friendly.

To know their full story, click on the link below: