Meiraas Story

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The quest was to see real Chikankari; Chikankari that we hear was favourite in the court of Chandragupta Maurya, Chikankari that was Noorjahan’s revival project or maybe a brain child, Chikankari that royalty of India used to wear, the Chikankari that was not visible anywhere in posh Lucknow Bazaar anymore.

Our quest led us just on the outskirts of the city in searing heat, and in a small home where women were bent over swatches of indigo blocked fabric, needles deftly & very quickly spinning in & out of delicate fabrics, like a ninja’s warrior blade: Stealthy, Quick, Perfect!!

It is here that we saw what our Awadhi Legacy once stood for; it is here that we saw lost stitches, dying work of art, and it is here we decided to bring them back.

Meiraas (Urdu word that means LEGACY) is a 3 year old brand that was grown with the perspective to treat handcrafted apparels like art & their creators as artisans. We do not believe that handloom & handcrafted is a dying sector that needs charity; we believe that years of indifference from authorities & consumers alike has rendered these beautiful art forms as commodities in an extremely price conscious market.

Starting from Chikankari we have now added Shibhori, Chanderi&Maheshwari also in our portfolio of work.

Our aim, from inception, has been to understand the Legacy & History of each craft we deal in & slowly revive them as Art Forms, instead of products. 

Whether it is our: 

  • Chikankari “lost stitches” Revival – revival of Hathkati, Hool, Tepchi
  • KaamdaaniEmbroidery Saree Revival
  • Getting out of the traditional moulds of Chikankari& creating New Moulds to explore the myriad possibilities with this historic embroidery art.
  • exploring lost weaving forms of Maheshwari
  • Creating Concept collection in Chanderi, Chikankari, Shibhorietc
  • Creating Fusion Craft pieces (Chikankari on KosaKhadi, Chikankari on Maheshwari)

Each piece of ours is aimed at putting a thought, a concept to the 6 yards of magic called Saree. Our sarees are Heirloom pieces that you would love to preserve & hand down to generations, as they revive a part of craft that had vanished in the race of commodity market – the part of telling story via art.

We will be happy to connect with platforms that are like minded& share our belief.

– Founder, Vidhi Agarwal