The Story of Paalaguttapalle Bags.

Grit, determination & a will to do something constructive beat the toughest odds!!!


While this may seem like a line meant for storybooks & fables, in Paalaguttapalle (Dalitwada), a small village of landless labourers in Chittoor district, this is a reality!!


Faced with odds many of us cannot even begin to imagine, Varalu, Rani, Annapurna & Anita decided to find a sustainable means of livelihood for themselves.


Some of them knew basic stitching, but their determination to learn to make perfect eco-friendly sustainable cloth bags led them to create these beauties. Guided by Aparna Krishnan, chose to leave her city life for a life in Dalitwada, these ladies created these charming cotton cloth bags.


It is an honour for Meiraas to wrap our handcrafted pieces & present them to you in the beautiful creations of the women of Paalaguttapalle. These cloth bags are washable, re-usable, sustainable & eco-friendly.


To know their full story, click on this link : The Story of Paalaguttapalle Bags

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