CONFLUENCE: The meeting point of two distinct cultures

There is nothing more beautiful than reimagining hand-crafted arts; come to think of it, it is like re-imagining the possibility of two distinct cultures melting & merging into one.


Isn’t art the reflection of culture of a particular place? The elegant stitches of Chikankari are like memoirs  of a Nawab’s Begum; like the whispered fables from the gully of Awadh during the time of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah; they reflect the quaint & discerning culture of Lucknow of a by gone era!!

Shibhori tie & dye on the other hand is an amalgamation of Rajasthani tie & dye mixed with Japanese technique, making it a cohesive mix of a riot of colours with organised “city like” sensibility.


Thus, it made sense for us to experiment the embroidery of an old city on the art of a cosmopolitan culture!!


We present to you a confluence of Chikankari on Shibhori tie & dye, to make a beautiful yet unique piece of art for you to adorn!!

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