Amrapali: The “Nagarvadhu” of Vaishali

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rencontre celibataire canada The morning sun was playing hide & seek amidst loft, white clouds…it was going to be a beautiful day!!  

go site The city of Vaishali was waking up to the aroma of fresh fragrance of morning flowers, blooming back to fill humanity with colour & contentment. There was an excitement in the air, & the reason was the oncoming auspicious festive spell.

source site The harvest had been good, there was no threat to Vaishali from neighbouring kingdoms, and the royal treasury was in a mood to splurge on the Maha Yagya.

Soldi da Investire ? Scopri come e oggi in modo conveniente. Consigli sul trading online e come fare per evitare truffe... The prospect of revelry around the Maha Yagya was enough to make the city alight with positive energy!!!

see Amongst many things, people were looking forward to the annual public dance performance of the Nagarvadhu of Vaishali, Amrapali.

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This morning was also beautiful in Amrapali’s palatial compound. There were incense sticks wafting pleasing aroma from every corner;


From one corner you could inhale fresh rose petals being dipped in Amrapali’s bath along with fragrant body oils; in another corner the kitchen was being prepped up for the day, it was going to be a morning of back to back rehearsals of the annual function, the retinue of dancers would require frequent refreshments, just cooked enough to not douse them in lazy slumber, but keep them energized & lively;


Amongst all this buzzing & excitement, Amrapali’s own quarters were like a sanctuary of peace. Precious white linens formed her chambers’ upholstery, reigning in calm & quietude. Her chambers were done up with very refined yet minimal furniture, just enough for her regular use. The walls were adorned with sacred Buddhist mantras.


The most imposing piece of furniture in her chambers was her beautiful bookshelf made of the most precious teak wood, & doused with light sandal fragrance. In this bookshelf were texts that she had painstakingly collected & that gave her respite from the frenzy of a celebratory World outside.

This was her World, within the World outside.

Once out of these these chambers, she knew she had to put on a flashy dancing costume, be amongst revelers, & dance to an elevated frenzy of celebration.

Till then…she was happy being in her sanctum sanctorum.

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